Welcome to all prospective boudoir clients! I created NomadGlam Studio in 2009, after already gaining nearly 30 years experience as a professional photographer, including many years – since my college days – creating artwork that celebrates feminine beauty. My photographs have been published in magazines and shown in galleries throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, and I work under my other brands for commercial and editorial clients on a weekly basis. If you are a female in North America, you have almost certainly seen my work in print magazines or advertising. When I am not photographing women and couples for commercial and editorial clients, I enjoy creating beautiful, bold boudoir and artistic beauty photographs for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Since I have commercial and editorial clients across the US and in other countries, I travel extensively. As such, I have frequent availability in cities across the US.

As a traveling photographer, I shoot most of my boudoir sessions in upscale hotel boudoir settings. Using professional but portable studio lighting equipment, I convert well-appointed rooms and suites in top hotels into my couture boudoir studio. When you contact me for a shoot near you, I’ll probably also book some other client and/or model sessions in the same location while I’m in town, maximizing my use of the space.

Alternatively, if you are more interested in artistic nudes, kink, or fetish images not in a boudoir setting, I often rent studio space – if it’s available in the town in which we are shooting – or we may decide to shoot at an outdoor location or a borrowed space. All that said, in-home boudoir is also currently quite popular, so I’m also open to shooting in a client’s own space if she prefers.

Clients tell me that they appreciate my casual, laid-back personality, and that I have a natural ability to put them at ease during boudoir and intimate photography sessions. I pride myself on my ability to create a fun vibe while shooting, that makes my clients feel very relaxed. I will provide artistic direction to create poses that accentuate your best features and downplay attributes you may like less.

I am a mid-50s, highly professional male with multiple college degrees (including an MBA from a top US business school), and I pride myself on my solid reputation for respectfulness and professionalism. I have many references available from past clients and models with whom I have worked. I am confident you’ll find me to be easy to work with and comfortable to pose for, in – or out of – your boudoir wardrobe.

I have reasonably priced packages available for boudoir clients, as well as a’la carte pricing on absolutely gorgeous prints, luxurious leather albums, exquisite canvas and metal prints, and many other premium items. I work with one of the best professional studio-only print labs in the US for secure, discreet, and amazingly high-quality production of your precious boudoir products.

These are so fun! Have a group of women that all want to schedule boudoir sessions together? Of course you won’t all shoot at once, but we frequently run back-to-back boudoir sessions for groups of 4-10 clients! These are great way to celebrate an engagement, wedding, anniversary, or even a divorce, with your besties! Packages with or without on-site hair and make-up are available, and can be scheduled in an upscale hotel studio environment, or at your location. Contact me to discuss an event for your group of women or couples!

Beyond my “Beautiful Bold Boudoir” sessions, I’m also available for intimate portraiture, fine-art commission, kink/fetish, and location nude work. Many women (and/or couples) may have completed a boudoir session previously and now want something different, or simply seek a more artistic portrait or a specific collection of images. These sessions are generally shot in a studio (often a rental photography studio if taking place in your city), at your home, or at a location I’ll work with you as the client to select. In many of the larger cities in the US, I have established favorite locations at which I’ve photographed other clients. These sessions are generally custom-planned for each client, and sometimes involve elaborate sets, so there tends not to be standard pricing. Contact meto discuss your wishes, and I can quickly give you a quote and some ideas to make it happen.

First, use my Contact Form to inform me of your interest. We’ll discuss your session by email or phone, and reserve a date. A paid deposit of $200 reserves your session on my calendar. My studio assistant or I will then send you a FAQ to help you plan for your session (hair/make-up planning, wardrobe ideas, tanning, grooming, and much more), a required questionnaire that will help me plan on my end, and we’ll stay in touch to answer any questions until the date of your session.

You’ve probably noted that some of the model galleries on this website include nudity. Be assured that nudity is not expected or required in my boudoir or portraiture sessions. At the same time, many of my clients want to include at least some nudes or partial-nude images. While I am comfortable and very experienced photographing nudes and am happy to include nude photos in your session, it is entirely your decision whether to do so. Some clients are confident when they first contact me that they want to include some nude photos, others absolutely do not want to be photographed nude in any way. Yet others are considering it but don’t decide until we’re shooting. Any of these is perfectly fine. Upon booking you’ll receive a full FAQ via a PDF that will be emailed to you, and that will help you prepare for your shoot.


Please use the contact form to start the process! I look forward to creating Beautiful Bold Boudoir with you!