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After a long hiatus, I am finally (!!) refreshing this site with new tech and images! Watch for the return of favorite galleries, and the addition of many (many) many new galleries featuring beautiful model photography from all over the world. These will be posted here on this Galleries page.

Where have I been?
Well, nowhere, really. In mid-2019, I was super-busy with other non-NomadGlam photo projects and assignments, so I decided to take several months off from NomadGlam travel/shooting/posting in order to catch up. I also rather lost interest in social media, so I just stopped posting there, as well. Everything was fine, I just planned some months off.

Then in February 2020, I was caught up on everything else and just getting back into things here – a couple brand-new model sessions completed and lots of ideas and plans for the rest of the year – when, of course, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. So I stopped once again.

Website self-hosting blues
Simultaneous to all of the above, in late-2019 I migrated this website to a new host and server. I started to upgrade the back-end tech that runs the site, in order to increase its responsiveness for mobile (which accounts for over 50% of site visits now), to serve Retina images, etc. However, due to the ancient technology that had been driving the prior site, during the migration to my new hosting platform I lost all of my old galleries and posts! They didn’t make the migration to the new host and my old host couldn’t retrieve them. I didn’t really have time to deal with starting the whole thing over at that time, so the site has been idle. For far. too. long.

But now, I finally have installed all-new site architecture and cutting-edge gallery software, and I’m really excited about re-launching image galleries here. It took me a long time, but I plan to begin re-building old galleries that were popular on the former site, and I will load “new” galleries featuring models I’ve worked with over the past several years that simply never got posted.

Now what?
So if you’re a model I’ve worked with in the past, and you’ve wondered why your model-released images never got posted – aside from the fact that I’d always been slow to post images from model sessions – the above is the reason. And if you’re a NomadGlam fan or client looking for new images to enjoy, and have been curious where I’ve been, that’s it. Just busy with other projects and procrastinating re-building this whole site.

I’ll begin posting as soon as possible, and I will post galleries as frequently as I can until I’m caught up. There are some hundreds of them, so please be sure to check back frequently!

Social Media
~ Instagram: While I’ve never really been a fan of Instagram, yes I’ll again begin posting there, as well. I never really posted very frequently even when I was actively using the platform, so the Instagram algorithm never showed my images very widely. I imagine it will take a while to build it back up.
~ Flickr: I established NomadGlam on Flickr a few years back, and when I post galleries to this Galleries page, I have decided to also post a few highlighted images to Flickr. Of course I only post model-released images anywhere, and my model releases have always covered posting to social media. Flickr seems to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance, so I’ll at least explore this.
~ Twitter: I have set my Galleries page to create a post to Twitter whenever I post a new gallery. So this should be updated automatically. Hopefully it will work, lol
~ Facebook: I don’t do Facebook.
~ The rest: See “Facebook” (:

Thank You!
Finally, I want to thank my clients, models, and fans who have reached out over the past couple years to inquire if I was ok. I appreciate your interest and empathy, and I look forward to re-engaging here. Thanks for viewing the site, and feel free to reach out if you have questions.


Been thinking of you often, good to read you’re doing well and living life, as usual as possible.
Excited to see your galleries come back online.
Thank you for being such a genuine and kind soul.
You are so very appreciated.

Sending you much love!
Samantha Ahimsa (formerly Laituri)

Thanks so much, Samantha! It’s awesome to hear from you, and I greatly appreciate your comment. I’ll reach out next time I’m up your way – I hope all is well!

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