Royalle in Black (NSFW)

I recently had the opportunity to photograph model and adult performer Rococo Royalle.  We had a great time creating a few sets of images together, with Royalle posing in three different outfits. I’ll break these down into a few posts, this one being the first.

Royalle was a blast to photograph, and we shot both some sexy boudoir looks as well as some bondage, as you’ll see in a future/upcoming post.

Let’s start with this very lovely black lingerie piece that Royalle brought to the session. Enjoy!

And for the photographers reading, I photographed this set with a Nikon Df camera, with Nikkor 35, 50, and 85mm lenses. Lighting was Alien Bees B400 monolights with umbrellas and a full-length reflector, triggered in full manual exposure mode via PocketWizard Plus-X transmitters.