Vanessa: the Blue Velvet Sofa Series

Beautiful brunette model in pink lingerie, lounging on a blue velvet sofaLast week in New York City, I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing model and actress, Vanessa, in a fun boutique hotel setting in Midtown Manhattan. Vanessa is an experienced model, having worked as a figure model for university art classes before coming to New York to pursue acting and commercial modeling full-time. She was great fun to shoot with, and we had a really productive session.

Vanessa and I created so many photos, in fact, that I’ve broken the portfolio of images we created into a few different collections. This is the first. Initially I had planned to just photograph her nude on this lovely velvet sofa. However, she had brought this gorgeous pink lace lingerie piece that complemented the sofa so beautifully, we decided to work with that and save the nudes for later in the shoot.

So check back soon for more fun photos with Vanessa, but I hope you enjoy this first set:

And for the photographers reading, this gallery was created with my favorite boudoir camera, the Nikon Df, and 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm Nikkor lenses. Lighting was a mix of natural light and Nikon SB-800 speedlights, off-camera behind white Westcott umbrellas, all synced in Manual exposure mode using PocketWizard Plus X transceivers.