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I recently connected with Veronique – a captivating experienced model and extremely athletic dancer – in Chicago, and we agreed to shoot a boudoir session together at one of the landmark hotels in the city.

We were both in town for other shoots – Veronique models actively, and I was shooting for an editorial client that week – but we had a common afternoon free. I had seen some previous photos of Veronique, but when we first met in person, I found her effervescent personality to come through more than her photographs belied. She has stunning eyes and an incredible athleticism about her, and I looked forward to capturing her beauty, strength, and personality in a couple hours’ time.

As we began shooting, however, we discovered that really had a fabulous work vibe together. So what was initially intended to be a standard two-hour boudoir session, turned into a nine-hour marathon shoot! Veronique had lots of fabulous lingerie wardrobe, and also wanted to create some boudoir nudes, and I believe we ended up photographing her in (and out of) ten outfits total. We began by shooting in a large, five-room hotel suite that she was staying in, and when we exhausted our ideas in that space, we moved to another luxury hotel a block away where I had shot another boudoir portfolio that morning.

In terms of sharing a gallery of photos here on, I had initially intended to pick 20-30 favorites from my entire “Veronique Marathon Day” and share them all in one gallery. But we had such a productive day, I’ve decided to simply break the photos up into multiple galleries, and share them one outfit at a time. Veronique’s “shoot” really progressed like a string of several back-to-back sessions as we moved room-to-room/outfit-to-outfit, between our two hotels, so I’ll post them in this manner. Hopefully, they’ll be more enjoyable to you in this format than just seeing a few selects, and I also hope the galleries will show my prospective boudoir clients and models some of the variety I shoot in working toward getting a few select “favorites” from a single boudoir session.

I have lots of other new work to share on the site, as well, so I most likely won’t post all of Veronique’s galleries sequentially – I will intersperse her collection with some other fun new galleries, as well!

So….with no further delay, then, here she is in a fun red and black lingerie set she put together just for this shoot. This actually wasn’t the first outfit we shot that day (if I recall correctly, it was the eighth), but it seems like a good introduction to Veronique’s stunning look and amazing personality. So we’ll start here.

Meet Veronique.

PS – for the photographers reading, these photos (and all of the forthcoming galleries of Veronique), were created with Nikon Df cameras and Nikon 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm lenses, and Elinchrom monolights with Photoflex light modifiers.


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