brunette model on bed in fishnet stockings

Meet Noelle!

Noelle contacted me for a boudoir shoot during a recent visit I made to the Midwest. As you can see, she’s a lean, sexy goddess with a very sultry look and amazing eyes.

Noelle brought some fabulous, extravagant lingerie, boas, and masks to the session, and we had a great time shooting in an luxury hotel suite I’d converted to a boudoir studio during one of my Couture Boudoir Marathon events. Noelle was great fun to photograph and I hope you enjoy the photos!

For the photographers reading, these photos were created with Fuji X-Pro1 cameras and Fuji, XF 18mm, 35mm, and 56mm lenses. Lighting was mostly natural light coming from huge windows in the hotel suite on a cloudy-bright day, though I augmented with an Alien Bees B400 on the lowest setting for a few photos in the bedroom series.


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