blonde model on bed in bra and panties

Angela is a beautiful Midwest blonde who contacted me to participate in one of my couture boudoir marathon events last time I was in her city. She had long been interested in modeling, and thought an alluring boudoir lingerie shoot would suit her style. She was sure correct about that!

Angela’s personality is sweet and somewhat shy, and she has a lovely look and beautiful porcelain skin. Through my pose direction and lighting, I sought to not just capture her beauty, but also capture some images that allude to her quiet, demure yet confident persona. Her confidence strengthened as we got into the shoot, and after a while she calmly announced that she wanted to include some nudes. She was a joy to photograph, and I hope to photograph Angela again next time I’m in her area.

I think you’ll enjoy this mix of lingerie and boudoir nudes. Thanks for viewing!

Please note – NSFW artistic nudes in the gallery below.

For the photographers visiting the site, I captured the photos in this gallery primarily with a Nikon D3 camera and Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8AFS lens. Most of the lighting was studio lighting – Profoto B1 monolights in various Photoflex softboxes.


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