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During a recent week in Boston, Kristin and I arranged a boudoir shoot one afternoon in the very traditional, colonial style hotel in which my team was staying. We planned a 4:00pm start time, but Kristin got stuck in a horrible traffic jam – she didn’t arrive until after 8:00pm!

Normally when a model is substantially late it’s difficult to accommodate, even as much as we want to. But Kristin was our last appointment of the day, and had been keeping us up-to-date via phone and text as she was sitting in traffic. She really wanted to shoot. Plus, she had a fabulous look and attitude about her boudoir session, and had been clear about a desire to experiment with a variety of posing styles and looks. Finally, she had gone on a Victoria’s Secret shopping spree rampage, and arrived with a gigantic suitcase full of absolutely amazing lingerie. So after helping her settle her nerves from her traffic experience, we set up our studio lighting and started photographing around 9:00pm.

Kristin turned out to be quite a dynamo with the poses, and between the lovely poses she was giving us, and her marvelous collection of VS lingerie, we shot an entire “boudoir marathon” of Kristin alone. We photographed Kristin in a great assortment of gorgeous lingerie – until 4:00am!

Below is a sampling of favorite photos from Kristin’s first (of several) wardrobe changes during her boudoir session. I’ll add more galleries of other of Kristin’s outfit changes soon.

[Sorry, this gallery is broken; it will be back online soon]


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