Site Hacked – Update

Greetings NomadGlam fans and models.

So I guess it happens a lot these days, but we were recently victims of hacking of this website. We have made a partial restore, and we hope to have full galleries and posts restored very soon. Meanwhile, content is a little thin as many of the photos we had shared on the site were deleted during the hack or restore processes.

We are going to take advantage of the opportunity – if that’s the best way to think about it – to upgrade the site in a number of ways “under the hood.” This will take a while as we have a pretty aggressive travel and commercial schedule this fall. But when finalized will offer us a more attractive, faster-running website – that will also be easier for us to update more frequently and add a larger number of galleries and photos. We also have many new photos from boudoir sessions with amazing models to share with you, so please visit again soon.

Thanks for your patience!


Boudoir with Patty

I had such a great time photographing a new portfolio of couture boudoir images recently in Washington, DC with NPC bikini competitor and model Patty Suchy. She came out for my recent DC Boudoir Marathon, before heading to Cancun to compete on the Swimsuit Centerfold reality TV show. Make-up artistry was performed by the talented young DC-area make-up artist Amenda.

Watch for Patty on Swimsuit Centerfold show when it airs in May. Patty and I are planning another shoot when she gets back, so stay tuned!

Enjoy the gallery!

Noelle (NSFW)

Meet Noelle!

Noelle contacted me for a boudoir shoot during a recent visit I made to the Midwest. As you can see, she’s a lean, sexy goddess with a very sultry look and amazing eyes.

Noelle brought some fabulous, extravagant lingerie, boas, and masks to the session, and we had a great time shooting in an luxury hotel suite I’d converted to a boudoir studio during one of my Couture Boudoir Marathon events. Noelle was great fun to photograph and I hope you enjoy the photos!

[Gallery below is NSFW for a couple of nipple views]

For the photographers reading, these photos were created with Fuji X-Pro1 cameras and Fuji, XF 18mm, 35mm, and 56mm lenses. Lighting was mostly natural light coming from huge windows in the hotel suite on a cloudy-bright day, though I augmented with an Alien Bees B400 on the lowest setting for a few photos in the bedroom series.

Boudoir with Angela (NSFW)

Angela is a beautiful Midwest blonde who contacted me to participate in one of my couture boudoir marathon events last time I was in her city. She had long been interested in modeling, and thought an alluring boudoir lingerie shoot would suit her style. She was sure correct about that!

Angela’s personality is sweet and somewhat shy, and she has a lovely look and beautiful porcelain skin. Through my pose direction and lighting, I sought to not just capture her beauty, but also capture some images that allude to her quiet, demure yet confident persona. Her confidence strengthened as we got into the shoot, and after a while she calmly announced that she wanted to include some nudes. She was a joy to photograph, and I hope to photograph Angela again next time I’m in her area.

I think you’ll enjoy this mix of lingerie and boudoir nudes. Thanks for viewing!

Please note – NSFW artistic nudes in the gallery below.

For the photographers visiting the site, I captured the photos in this gallery primarily with a Nikon D3 camera and Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8AFS lens. Most of the lighting was studio lighting – Profoto B1 monolights in various Photoflex softboxes.

Natural Light Boudoir with Darby Fox

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with the adorable Las Vegas pin-up model Darby Fox in Baltimore for a boudoir session. Darby and I were both in Baltimore for other projects, and we’d been communicating about scheduling a shoot, so I was thrilled that our schedules coincided for us to do so.

The location was a lovely hotel setting with floor-to-ceiling windows that gave us great natural light. After a few “warm up” shots in the cute dress Darby had on under her coat when she arrived, she decided to shoot without lingerie, using just the bedsheets as minimal wardrobe. As you can see in the photos below, she really rocked the look!

Darby’s extensive pin-up experience shone in this setting – she kept throwing out lovely boudoir poses and amazing expressions, and the session was very productive. In fact, I’ve been undecided whether to title this gallery as I did, or rather to call it “The Many Expressions of Darby.” As you view the gallery, I hope you notice both the subtle details of many of her pinup-inspired poses, as well as her varied and, well, expressive expressions.

I normally make perhaps a couple hundred images during a boudoir shoot, keeping about 50 or so as “finalists” to edit, and sharing 25-30 in a client or model proofing gallery. But Darby and I shot over 400 photos, and I shared far more edited images with her than usual; there were simply a lot of fantastic photos from the afternoon and they were great fun to edit and share.

I’m posting a few more than normal here, too, in this gallery.


For the photographers viewing, the photos in this portfolio were captured with Fuji X-Pro1 cameras and Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4R and XF 56mm f/1.2R lenses. Natural window light was the only lighting


Kate is a stunning tall blonde Midwestern college student who came out for my recent Northern Indiana/Lake Michigan boudoir marathon on a cold, raw Midwest November evening. At 5’8 with super-long legs and flowing blonde hair, Kate has a striking look for boudoir modeling. We had a great time creating the below portfolio of work. Enjoy the photos!

Kenyatta (NSFW)

I had great fun photographing DC-area model Kenyatta recently during one of my boudoir marathon events in the US Capitol.

I hold at least a couple of boudoir marathons in DC each year, and they’re always a blast. It was great to connect with Kenyatta during this one: she showed up with some amazing wardrobe and make-up, and brought a lot of creativity and experience to the shoot, as you can see in the images below.

This session took place in a lovely hotel studio setting – it was a Northwest corner room with beautiful afternoon natural light streaming in from two directions. I normally have at least some studio strobes set up for these shoots, but I didn’t even need to break out the lights in this setting.

For the photographers reading, the images in this gallery were created with the Fuji X-Pro1 camera and Fujinon XF 18mm f/2R, XF 35mm f/1.4R, and XF 56mm f/1.2R lenses.


I recently connected with Lilly Annalise, a beautiful young model in New York City, who wanted to shoot some glamour boudoir while I was in town. We had a great boudoir studio set up at one of the very best hotels in Midtown Manhattan, right on Times Square. And to ensure a fabulous look, I enlisted the help of fabulous New York based make-up artist, Sheika Belle.

We ended up photographing just two wardrobe changes that morning due to time constraints, but I believe we created a lovely series of couture boudoir images of Lilly. Note that we used a very light, natural make-up style for the first lingerie outfit in which Lilly posed, and then Sheika changed things up to a much more glam make-up look for Lilly’s second outfit: a gorgeous one-piece tank with sexy thigh-high boots.

Enjoy the gallery!

Here at NomadGlam, my boudoir sessions and intimate portrait shoots are generally bold yet classy and classic. However, occasionally a model or client wants to be photographed in poses that are edgier or more erotic than others we have posted, and from time to time some of those photos will likely find their way onto the site.

Blog posts and galleries that feature nudity will be labeled as “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work) in the title area. Proceed to those posts at your discretion.

In general, due to the mature nature of boudoir and figure photography, only viewers 18+ are welcome at this site.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the site and galleries, and that you’ll contact me when you are considering a boudoir shoot for yourself, as a gift, or if you need a photographer for your commercial or editorial project.

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