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Due to the mature nature of boudoir and figure photography, only viewers 18+ are welcome at this site. Blog posts and galleries that feature nudity will be labeled as “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work) in the title area. Proceed to those posts at your discretion. I sincerely hope you enjoy the site.


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K19I am seeing a lot of visitors to the newly-reformatted NomadGlam website – especially since the new format was rolled out a few weeks ago – and I thank you for your interest! And thanks to urging of several of my favorite models and recent clients, you can now keep up-to-date on NomadGlam updates and news via the brand-new NomadGlam Facebook page. Each time I post a new model gallery here on the site, I’ll announce it on Facebook with a link to the new gallery URL.

I have literally dozens of galleries and portfolios from recent model shoots to share with you in the coming weeks and months, and I’m creating more content all the time – for example, I photographed three models this past week whose photos will be shared here soon, and I have three shoots scheduled next week with fabulous models in New York.

I appreciate the many emails and messages that visitors to the new site have sent, primarily voicing appreciation for the new format (and note that I’m making numerous tweaks to the format, as well, if you haven’t noticed). I always welcome and appreciate your comments! The Facebook page will allow for more regular interaction, Q&A, and sharing behind-the-scenes images and previews.

So if you’re on Facebook, please like the NomadGlam page there, and help us get started!



Vanessa is a beautiful new model from Florida, and we met up on Tampa’s stylish Harbour Island when I was recently there. Vanessa loves black-and-white photography, and wanted to shoot some styled B&W images in a boudoir setting. But she also has a stunning very-light shade of strawberry blonde hair, and we wanted to highlight that with some romantic color images as well.

My assistant and I photographed Vanessa in a hotel room setting that had great natural light, which we took full advantage of for this session. I really enjoy helping new models get started, and I wish Vanessa all the best in her modeling career. Here is a selection of photos from our session in Tampa. Enjoy the album.


Welcome to the brand-new!

Lisa_Feature2a-1After several years as a static website, I’m thrilled to be transitioning NomadGlam to an all-new blog format website!

I will now be able to more easily share my exquisite photography of some of the lovely women I am so privileged to photograph. And, many of the photos will be very big and bold, filling your screen with beauty.

On a regular basis, I will post collections of images from my boudoir, glamour, fashion, fine-art nude, and intimate portraiture sessions. I will also plan to share some general photography and fashion content for the many boudoir and portrait photographers, hair- and make-up artists, and fashion stylists that regularly frequent my site.

I hope you will enjoy the new format, and the photographs! I will welcome your comments, and I look forward to interacting with you on this new site.

I still have some behind-the-scenes work to do to finalize this transition, but I will begin posting photos from some recent boudoir sessions within the next few days. Thank you for visiting and please return soon!

Beautiful Bold Boudoir

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